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Are you struggling to grasp those challenging math concepts? Do you wish you had someone by your side to guide you through those intricate mathematical equations? Well, fret no more because FluxyAI - your ultimate AI maths tutor is here!

How not to use FluxyAI?

FluxyAI is not here to replace your school or books or teachers (at least not yet); instead, it is designed to enhance your learning process and make math more accessible and enjoyable. FluxyAI is your AI tutor that is available 24/7, to answer your questions, and helping you overcome any obstacles you may face in your math journey.

How to use FluxyAI?

Use FluxyAI to learn concepts so that you can solve the problem yourself. Fluxy is trained to not give you the direct answer. It is trained to understand what you already know about a given problem and then works with you step by step to find a solution. You can ask as many questions to it and it will explain you without worring about what other people will think.

How does FluxyAI work?

It's simple! All you need is an internet connection and a device to access the web.

  1. Visit the FluxyAI
  2. Select a topic
  3. Activate an interactive chat and that it.

You can type in your math-related questions or problems, and FluxyAI will respond with detailed explanations, step-by-step solutions, and even visual representations if needed.

Why FluxyAI is so unique?

FluxyAI facilitates personalized learning approach. It understands that every student has unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to math. That's why it tailors its responses to your specific needs, adapting to your level of understanding and providing guidance at a pace that suits you.

Whether you're struggling with algebra, geometry, calculus, or any other math topic, FluxyAI has got you covered. It can help you with basic concepts, tackle complex equations, and even provide practice exercises to reinforce your skills. With FluxyAI, you'll have a patient and knowledgeable tutor right at your fingertips, ready to assist you whenever you need it.

Let's see an example?

Same question but radically different teaching style.

ChatGPT is just data dump


FluxyAI is about teaching.



Notice how radically different ChatGPT and Fluxy are. Fluxy enhances your learning experience by guiding you and strengthening your capabilities, allowing you to learn and solve a given problem effectively. This approach is paramount because it enables you to increase your retention and score higher marks in an exam.
At the end, I leave the decision to you: do you want to keep doing what 99% of people are doing, or do you want to embrace this new technology called ChatGPT, also known as AGI, and be the part of top 1%?

Remember, it's FREE, it's personal, and it's here to help you thrive in your mathematical endeavors.

Happy math learning!

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